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User Research, UI Design (iOS & Android),
Web Product Design, Prototyping & testing
Jan 17 - Jan 18


Overgo AR Studio helps brands and agencies develop highly engaging augmented reality experiences on mobile. Overgo has a unique understanding of the AR mobile industry and target Millennials and Generation Z.

Overgo case study

Project Overview

Overgo is an Augmented Reality Studio that allows agencies and businesses to create their own augmented reality content. These AR experiences can be published to white-label AR app via an augmented reality SDK or to Overgo’s Augmented Reality Mobile App.

Overgo is both a SaaS platform and a mobile app built by Artenpik, the startup I cofounded.

We built Overgo in order to help brands engage millennials through unique immersive experiences.

Scope of Work

What I did: I designed an Augmented Reality Studio and mobile app called Overgo for brands and agencies.

The client: GL Events with a focus on their Geek Days Event for our prototype.

The user: Brand Marketers & Agencies.

The challenge: How can we democratize AR in marketing for brands and agencies?

Overgo Experience

Challenge Space Statement

Here are the assumptions we had:

For Brands:

Customer Segments

Overgo was a two sided marketplace with a business to business to consumer model (B2B2C), as such it had two customer segments.

The first group of customers are actual end users who want to find augmented reality experiences such as games or interactive scenarios to play with. Millennials and Generation Z were the main focus here.

On the B2B side, customers are brands and most likely marketing departments within brands and agencies.

So one customer segment have a desire to create content, and the other wants an easy way consume it.

Generation Z

User Research

We organized 3 focus groups over an intense three-week sprint that took us from an idea to the market.

We also interviewed more than 50 teenagers that fitted into our personas to understand how they relate to brands.

We also interviewed brand managers to understand their needs and frustrations.

That gave us great insight as to which features could solve our users' problems on both sides brands and end users.

Focus group millennials

User Experience

Our goal was to create highly immersive experiences which allow brands create real-world engagement with their products.

And our vision was to democratize augmented reality across the advertising industry. For that matter, we developed a self-service platform called Overgo Studio so marketers would only be held back by the limits of their own imagination.

With Overgo, we were able to develop fun and interactive experiences for millennials and Gen Z through immersive animations and games. Augmented Reality helped us achieve this result.


Based on the above, the value proposition was to provide a single place which allows end users to discover and try a range of AR experiences without having to download multiple apps.

Additionally, Overgo offered a range of tools and services to help create AR content related to clients businesses which users could discover and access easily from a single ecosystem.

Final Design

Overgo AR Studio - Mobile App User Flow

User Flow

Overgo AR Studio - SaaS Platform

Key Results

We were able to partner with GL Events, the world leading event agency.
We launched Overgo at their Geek Days Event.
Overgo was downloaded by more than 5k users.
Overgo led us to build an AR mobile game called Interstellar for millennials and Gen Z.